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cropped-bike-photos-for-council-presentation-022.jpgCycleSafe is about moving everyday people, everyday, as safely, enjoyably, and sustainably as possible, inclusive of walkers, mobility vehicle users, dog walkers and other shared path users. We are about offering choice for transport options, and are not anti-car.

We will represent the eyes and ears of cyclists, collecting valuable information about safety and cycling issues, and provide a central point to disseminate information back to them.

We wish to expand the current network to improve routes through town and the connection to the off-road network,  making cycling safer and more enjoyable for commuting and recreational cyclists.  In this way we wish to provide for a healthier community and a healthier environment.  By improving the network, we also hope to improve the tourist amenity, and therefore enhance the prosperity of businesses in the region.  See our ‘About’ page for more information.

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Have your say! Castlemaine Creekways Draft Management Plan (due 8th May)


This Plan will be the guiding principal for how our creekways trails are developed into the future.  We believe it is important to create an expanded, well connected, safe, and enjoyable trail network which caters for all ages and both recreational and commuter users.

We have reviewed the Plan and noted improvements which will strengthen our goals for the trails.  You can view the summary of our comments here: Submission to MASC Creekways Management Plan Blog version

You can add strength to our submission by downloading the above summary, adding anything you feel would improve our creekways trail network even more, and emailing it to council yourself.

Your written submission should be entitled ‘Castlemaine Urban Creekways Management Plan submission’ and be lodged by next Tues May 8th to: info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au

If you wish to look over the full Plan you can access it at the council website: MASC Have your say page

Castlemaine-Maldon Trail: Your feedback wanted.

CycleSafe have done a riding audit of signage on the Castlemaine-Maldon Trail and we are meeting with council in 2 weeks to discuss improvements. Have you ridden the trail?


If you have any comments about the trail, please use our rider input page to pass these onto us within 2 weeks so we can include them in our discussions with Council.


Independence Is A Bike


These three Castlemaine Secondary College students have started their year with a new school and a new way to get to school – by bike. Previously bus travellers out to Castlemaine Steiner School, when they graduated to year nine at CSC the chance for a new mode of transport was possible.

In co-hoots with each other or not, each set of parents refused to drive these 14 year olds to their new school. Instead the parent group encouraged and enabled using ‘pushies’ as an independent mode of transport.

 Last year these three participated in Walktober, which is a VicHealth initiative taken up by the Mount Alexander Shire and many local schools, to encourage active transport to and from school. The Steiner School students completed up to eight rides to and from the Muckleford campus over rough, rocky and quite hilly terrain. These three students say that those rides gave them the confidence and enthusiasm to ride to CSC this year.

 When asked what they liked about the riding, the students gave bright eyed, excited responses. It seems that the independence of such transport has opened a whole new world of opportunities. Casual visits to friends houses after school, trips to the library and, importantly drop in’s to the local ice-cream shop on the way home. They also enjoyed the exercise benefits of riding up to 14km per day, as well as the simple joyful feeling of riding a bike.

 Mostly travelling together, the group uses the Campbells Creek bike trail for much of the ride. This trail was chosen initially for its safety but they soon found it more social to ride together along the trail.

 All in all this is a great outcome for VicHealth, Mount Alexander Shire Council and our town in general. Give them a wave and a cheer (the author does whenever she sees them) if you come across these teenagers or any other kid making the effort to ride to school.

Would you like to volunteer an hour of your time? We’d love your help!


CycleSafe are hosting a ride to school breakfast at Castlemaine Primary (South School) for national Ride to School day on Fri March 23rd from 7.30am until 8.45am which includes a free breakfast of muffins, fruit and fresh squeezed juice, games, giveaways, entertainment, and a supported ride along the Forest Creek Trail to the school.

If you’re keen to help out for an hour on that morning, can you please enter your details in our rider input page or call or text Greg on 0402725227. Thanks!

Ride to School Day at Castlemaine South School


Join more than 350,000 students across the nation, who will ride, walk, scoot and
skate to school!

Castlemaine South School and CycleSafe are hosting a ride to school breakfast to celebrate the wonderful joy of using active transport to get to school.  Any students from any school who are riding, walking, scooting, or skating to school are welcome to drop by anytime between 7.30am and 8.45am for a free breakfast, entertainment, games, bike decorating, and giveaways.
For more information contact CycleSafe through our rider input page on our website.