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cropped-bike-photos-for-council-presentation-022.jpgCycleSafe is about moving everyday people, everyday, as safely, enjoyably, and sustainably as possible, inclusive of walkers, mobility vehicle users, dog walkers and other shared path users. We are about offering choice for transport options, and are not anti-car.

We will represent the eyes and ears of cyclists, collecting valuable information about safety and cycling issues, and provide a central point to disseminate information back to them.

We wish to expand the current network to improve routes through town and the connection to the off-road network,  making cycling safer and more enjoyable for commuting and recreational cyclists.  In this way we wish to provide for a healthier community and a healthier environment.  By improving the network, we also hope to improve the tourist amenity, and therefore enhance the prosperity of businesses in the region.  See our ‘About’ page for more information.

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Ride to Work Day – Wed Oct 17th 4-6pm – possible venue change due to rain

Social media tile landscape - Ride2Work Day 2018

Just a reminder for R2W day ‘afterwork’ snacks and chats this coming Wednesday Oct 17th at the Castlemaine Railway Station between 4 and 6pm. 

We’re hoping to have it in Lions Park out front of the station, but a recent increase in magpie swooping and some rain forecast may mean we move it somewhere else around the station.  We’ll keep you posted and put signs up on the day to direct you if needed.

If you’re riding to work anywhere, it would be great if you can register online through Bicycle Network as it provides useful information on numbers of cyclists and potential culture change.  Click the link below:

National Ride2Work day registration

You don’t have to register to attend our event though.  Hopefully see you there!!


Rolling/riding commuters – you deserve to be rewarded! Ride2Work day – Wed 17th Oct

Social media tile landscape - Ride2Work Day 2018

We honour those of you who have braved the heat, cold, wind, traffic, and magpies on your regular bike commute, and particularly those of you who also use the train as part of your commute, (and even risk being rejected from the train with your bike!).

So this years Ride 2 Work event will be held in the small park at the front of the Castlemaine Railway Station on Wednesday October 17th from 4-6pm.

We’ll give you ‘after work’ free nibbles and dips and juice to help you get home, just to say thanks for being part of the solution, and for keeping yourself and our environment healthier.  We’ll have some giveaways too!

All riders/rollers are welcome even if you don’t commute via the train.

See if you can convince a non-riding commuter to give riding to work a try with you, and maybe even include some of our great creek trails in your trip!




Magpies Swooping again!


We have had several reports of protective male magpies swooping riders in three different areas around Castlemaine township this year.  They are back again at the area around the back of the tennis courts (cnr of Greenhill Ave and Wheeler St), on the Campbells Creek trail just south of the Elizabeth St bridge (Newstead/Maldon rd), and also on the steep asphalt path leading from Kennedy st to the railway station.  Please ride with care or avoid these areas.

If you know of any other areas where Magpies are swooping, please let us know through our Rider Input Page so we can spread the word.

CycleSafe Magpie Cmaine 2018

For more info on Magpie swooping from Bicycle Network, click the link below:


2018 Ride2Work Day Wed Oct 17th

Social media tile landscape - Ride2Work Day 2018

There is now some Spring warmth in the air making it prime riding time and ride to work day is fast approaching!!   We’d love any ideas you have on how our Ride2Work day event might work best, and if you’d like to help out with the planning and/or running of the day please contact us via our input page.  Happy peddling!!




CycleSafe is supporting this fund raising project to have a Cycle Trail built to connect the Castlemaine Steiner School/kindergarten to Castlemaine township via the State Government “Pick My Project” initiative.

We are hoping this will be another kickstart for more safe off-road cycle trails connecting all the wonderful small communities surrounding Castlemaine.

Help spread the word throughout our community
Please share this link with friends and family

This is a case of VOTES = $$$$

Let’s make this Cycle Trail happen ❤️🚴🏽❤️

The time is now. Click on the link below and vote!


If you have any questions or ways to help promote this project please contact, Vaiya (Prep parent) on vaiyafermanis@gmail.com.

A Cycle Trail to the school would benefit students and families of CSSK as well as other cyclists/shared path users, as it would provide a safe off-road transport alternative to everyday car use.

Pick My Project community grants initiative is now open for voting. Please go online, register for voting and pick your three favourite project ideas and help make them a reality.

This platform gives communities the opportunity to have a say in funding projects that they feel will directly benefit their community. In short, the more votes the project gets the greater the possibility of it receiving government funding.